Chief:               Ron Learned

Captain:           Jon Taylor

Captain:           Tim Learned

Lieut:               Brent Van Fossen


The Christopher Fire Department is looking for volunteers both experienced and non-experienced. We meet on Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. Feel free to come by and talk to us. Thanks.

Ron Learned, Chief.


Bryce Burnett
Charles Lutes
Jeremy Cobin
Ben Kriennker
Cody Van Fossen
Richard Jackson
Dennis Gunter 
James Jackson
Mike Quinn
Josh Estes
​James Trogolo
Brent Hargis 
Rex Burnett
Aaron Sherman 
Caleb Stowers
Austin Hiller
Austin Penberton
Tim Hall
Alan Minton

City Of Christopher

Christopher Fire Department 

   211 N Thomas St

    Non-emergency phone number 618-724-2432 

​   Fire Department meets every Tuesday at 6pm.